Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Are They Joking?

I'm not sure, but is this ESPN article claiming the Mets have the best lineup in baseball followed by the Cubs and Yankees? I sure hope not. The Mets' lineup is really good, but not in the same league as the Yankees' (literally). In a position by position comparison, the Yankees would probably win every spot except CF. And the Cubs? They had one of the worst offenses in baseball last year, and adding Soriano isn't nearly enough to leapfrog the Yankees (or even the Cardinals).

I hope this article is ranking teams that need their offense to play well in order to compete. If that's the case, the Yankees should not be ranked so high (considering their pitching improvements this year), but the Mets should top the list.

As an aside, I intend to start blogging again seriously once I figure out the quirks in my computer and I get a schedule set given my part-time job.