Sunday, October 09, 2011

Daily Links - October 9, 2011

This is very well-argued.

Walt and Mearsheimer will love this book.

What do smart people do with 1.4 million dollars?

Bye, bye.

While on the subject of David Frum, I can definitely relate to this.

Not everyone is so fond of the famous Steve Jobs commencement speech.

Is OccupyWallStreet the US' J-14 Protests?

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Daily Links - September 27, 2011

Aaron David Miller on why Obama would be foolish to try to broker the conflict. Miller clearly respects Abbas more than Bibi.

Nice to see some tolerance out of some Egyptian clerics.

Hussein Ibish on the speech Arafat should have given.

This study doesn't seem so surprising.

Neither does this.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Daily Links - September 26, 2011

Mearsheimer responds to charges that he favorably reviewed the book of an Anti-Semite. He didn't do much research apparently. That didn't stop Brian Leiter from supporting him.

How important is the fight over the Obamacare mandate to constitutional law? Not very.

Krugman was way off with Ireland.

A poignant and timely call for teams to recognize the psychological needs of players.

I'm going to try to get through this book over Rosh Hashana. Pray for me.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Daily Links - September 25, 2011

Saudi women are now equal to men -- equally powerless.

An excellent description of where the I/P conflict is right now. Very few are as good as Mead in explaining this stuff.

The Arab Spring is not all peachy, at least for the non-Arabs.

Not exactly a Keynesian view.

An interesting analysis about how Blacks, Jews, Gays, etc. ended up part of the moral community. It's not often the choices are Marxian, evolutionary, or Nietzschen.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Daily Links - September 24, 2011

But the PA supports terror. Does this make the US a state-sponsoring terrorism?

Some good, some bad, but probably more accurate than Abbas' speech.

A lot of this article could have been written by Elder of Ziyon or Jameel at the Muqata.

What does Walt have to say about his co-author's open support for antisemitism?

Phew, relativity is safe.

Given the existence of a liquidity trap, is inflation the way to go?

Friday, September 23, 2011

Daily Links - September 22, 2011

There's the final nail in the coffin of the myth that Abbas rejected Olmert's deal. Of course, we already knew that.

Politics is why Palestine will not be able to prosecute Israelis in the International Criminal Court.

Glenn Greenwald chastises Chief Judge Dennis Jacobs for issuing an intemperate, childish opinion -- in an intemperate, childish post.

Cluelessness on the UWS.

His inability to throw the ball to first really was inexplicable.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Daily Links - September 21, 2011

According to a recent poll a substantial majority of Palestinians support Abbas' gambit at the UN. He may have overstayed his term, but he is doing the will of his people.

More examples of Obama's hatred towards Israel.

Modern science is not a friend of free will.


Law as a system of planning.

How the health care mandate does not mean unlimited power for Congress.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Daily Links - September 20, 2011

Would Milton Friedman have supported more quantitative easing?

Greg Mankiw claims the rich pay more than double of their income in federal taxes. Krugman doesn't think that matters.

The brain is amazing, but it has some amazing flaws.

Even by traditional stats, Rivera is light-years ahead of every other reliever ever.

Why are Jews so clueless when it comes to Obama?

Should Israel challenge China's misconception? (Page 156, at the bottom or search for "protocols").

Monday, September 19, 2011

Daily Links - September 19, 2011

Hussein Ibish channels Khaled Elgindy in Foreign Affairs and essentially claims that Palestinian statehood bid is designed to further the peace process by breaking the parties out of the rut they are in. Rashid Khalidi disagrees.

Accordingly to a poll taken by the BBC, majority of the world and even majority of Americans support Abbas' gambit at the UN. The US will veto anyway.

Even smart and relatively open-minded people have obvious blind spots.

An excellent post on how Rawls and Hayek/Nozick do not disagree as much as people might think. Should be required reading for the GOP leadership, assuming, of course, they could understand it.

Is philosophical naturalism sustainable

More data on what is being referred to more and more as the "law school scam."

Kosher lights on Shabbos? Sounds cool, let's leave it at that. Kosher computers/Ipads/Iphones would be the end of the Shabbos.

Is inflation always evil? Not according to Krugman.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Daily Links - September 18, 2011

Commentary believes that Obama is to blame for the upcoming Palestinian statehood initiative at the UN. Others agree, but for reasons that don't involve assuming the absurd idea that Obama is engaged in a war on Israel.

In anticipation of the Palestinian statehood vote this week, the JCPA put out an E-book that contains some good articles, but also a lot of propaganda.  (Hat Tip: EOZ).

Juan Cole is clueless about the Israeli Supreme Court's many orders (I, II) against Israeli land expropriation in the territories. 

I assume this post by Elder of Ziyon is supposed to be ironic or he is simply blind to the fact that Zionism creates the exact same problems.

It amazes me that anyone would take Turkey serious on the Gaza issue. Their misdeeds in Cyprus read exactly like what Israel is accused of doing. 

Supporters of the "whole Constitution" are no better than Grover Norquist.

Noam Chomsky on apparently why intellectuals should live their lives on the fringes of society.

I have not read this article, but this whole enterprise -- analyzing how Halacha is actually decided -- is long overdue.

Republicans have found one tax cut they don't like -- payroll taxes for poor and middle class people.

The new Steven Pinker book seems to be a tad too long at 832 pages. But if it's anything like his previous books, it will be well-written, meticulously documented, and overly controversial.

I'm Back

It's been a VERY long time since I last blogged here, but I figure that rather than spamming other people's Facebook feeds, I might as well put my energy here. So I intend to post links to various articles, blogs, etc. a few times a week or even every day, time permitting. From there, who knows? I might start blogging again. For those of you who last read this blog because of the Rafi updates, you should know that Rafi is doing great. He has many surgeries in his future, but he's doing quite well all things considered and even started school this week! He's also excited about his new brother Gavi, who's almost three months old.