Sunday, September 18, 2011

Daily Links - September 18, 2011

Commentary believes that Obama is to blame for the upcoming Palestinian statehood initiative at the UN. Others agree, but for reasons that don't involve assuming the absurd idea that Obama is engaged in a war on Israel.

In anticipation of the Palestinian statehood vote this week, the JCPA put out an E-book that contains some good articles, but also a lot of propaganda.  (Hat Tip: EOZ).

Juan Cole is clueless about the Israeli Supreme Court's many orders (I, II) against Israeli land expropriation in the territories. 

I assume this post by Elder of Ziyon is supposed to be ironic or he is simply blind to the fact that Zionism creates the exact same problems.

It amazes me that anyone would take Turkey serious on the Gaza issue. Their misdeeds in Cyprus read exactly like what Israel is accused of doing. 

Supporters of the "whole Constitution" are no better than Grover Norquist.

Noam Chomsky on apparently why intellectuals should live their lives on the fringes of society.

I have not read this article, but this whole enterprise -- analyzing how Halacha is actually decided -- is long overdue.

Republicans have found one tax cut they don't like -- payroll taxes for poor and middle class people.

The new Steven Pinker book seems to be a tad too long at 832 pages. But if it's anything like his previous books, it will be well-written, meticulously documented, and overly controversial.

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