Tuesday, August 23, 2005

And It Is Done

The last settlement slated for evacuation has been dismantled. The total process of removing civilians from Gaza and Northern Samaria took less than a week. Thank G-d there were no fatalities, and only a few small injuries. The only Disengagement related violence was perpetrated by two fanatics against Israeli Arab and Palestinian targets (which I do not mean to minimize).

The Palestinians were smart enough not rock the boat - although the number of mortars fired were far too many for my liking. However, I understand Sharon not wanting to cause a PR backlash, and he wanted Israel to bask in the glow of international approval. International support carries little weight in my eyes, but that might change if I ever get to fill the Prime Minister's chair.

All and all Disengagement went far more smoothly than I had expected, and I'm grateful to G-d for that.

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