Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Doesn't Burk Have Anything Better To Do?

Martha Burk has sent a letter of protest to NBC and NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman over an ad the NHL is showing as part of its "My NHL" advertising campaign. As usual Burk lacks the most basic political sense. Fresh off her failure at Augusta, she is now targeting the one sport that can use any publicity it can get.

I used to follow hockey back when the Rangers actually made the playoffs. And like most fans I did not care less when the league went off the air for a year. How many fans really know the NHL is back? How many fans heard of the "My NHL" campaign? The smartest thing for the league to do is to continue using this ad because it will now generate publicity thanks to Burk and friends. And many men will be curious to see what the ad is about, especially when they hear there's a scantily clad women in the background. So all Burk has done is create publicity for league in desperate need of it. Feminists of all stripes must be thanking their lucky stars that Burk is stepping down.

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