Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Blog Block

I'm sitting here trying to figure out something to write, but nothing is coming up. It happens to the best of the bloggers, including Ezzie and DovBear, so it's nothing to be ashamed of. And despite having tons of time, I've been doing other things besides blogging.

Well, for one thing, I made pasta in my apartment for the first time. Gave me something to eat before and after the fast. I was in Lakewood for a while, but am now back in The City.

How in the world did the Jets only get a 4th round pick for Herm Edwards? Did they even try? I feel like I could have done better. The Texas-USC game was great as college football games go.

Glad to see Sharon is recovering and even in his absence Kadima will be a power. Alito will be confirmed, even if Democrats try to portray him as the devil.

Dovbear and Chardal are going at it pretty seriously, although they made up.

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