Sunday, June 04, 2006

Reading Frumteens Is Soooo Much Fun

I haven't been to Frumteens in a while and for good reason. Has his logic been getting worse or have I just gotten better at picking out poor arguments?

1) As a theory [evolution is] lousy, and youre right that nobody would care, except for the fact that this particular lousy theory also has grave theological implications. Namely, it is the only existing excuse for atheism.
Call me crazy, but I have a pretty difficult time believing that a theory which is accepted by basically the entire world scientific community is "lousy." Maybe wrong, but probably a fairly successful theory.

And is evolution "the only existing excuse for atheism?" Frumteens is creating a false choice. Since evolution is obviously lousy and scientists must know that, only ulterior motives keep them clinging to it. Why? Because the only other alternative is that G-d created the world and that possiblity is anathema to them since it would require them to follow rules.

But that choice is obviously wrong. Even if scientists had absolutely no clue how the world was created, the other option is not G-d. It's an infinite possible number of explainations, many of which have the same explainatory power as G-d. The world could have been created by the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Or perhaps it came about merely from nothing. Or it existed forever. These are all explaintions that have nothing to do with G-d or required morality.

2) Of course Satmar would like to see the State abolished - so would the other Gedolim - Rav Shach ZTL reportedly used to pray every day for the peaceful disappearance of the State of Israel.

The other Gedolim? I know quite a few Gedolim who are very happy that there is a state and logic would therefore dictate that they don't want to see the state abolished. It seems Frumteens only allows for Gedolim who want to see the state abolished. Surprising?

Wow, I could go on all night but that would pointless. It amazes me that people support this crap.

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