Sunday, September 14, 2008

Today's Bris

The bris went well today. We had a lot more people than expected, but luckily the caterer brought extra food and no one went home hungry. A lot of people went the extra mile to get there (a special thanks goes to my cousins in Silver Spring who drove up today just for the bris - that's eight hours of driving in one day with a one year old for those counting at home).

The baby is sleeping now and we hope will sleep through the night. His name is Raphael Yehuda. His second name comes from Shifra's grandfather, who passed away last year and we chose Raphael because we like the name and because we hope he recovers from his ailments. At present, I'm still calling him Spike, but Shifra likes Rafi, so I'll be forced to make the switch soon.

Anyway, I hope that now that he's home and a member of the Tribe, things can calm down and we can get into a normal schedule. We're still waiting on his jaw and whether they can even do the surgery when he's an infant. But otherwise we're getting into a routine and will finally be able to really enjoy our time with him.

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