Thursday, November 06, 2008

Thoughts on Election Day

Despite my tepid McCain endorsement, I'm still sort of excited that Obama won. With only a few minor disagreements, Randy Barnett's post sums up my feelings perfectly.

It looks like the Democrats are not going to get to 60 in the Senate. That's a much bigger deal than who ended up being President.

Same sex marriage in California is on the way out. Eugene Volokh has a post about its possible ramifications on the already-existing gay marriages in California. I plan to write a post about SSM in the coming days, but I'm happy to see another attempt to have the courts stick its nose where it doesn't belong shot down. Anyway, California's referendum/amendment system is a ridiculous means to pass legislation, which although probably not unconstitutional, is an only slightly less absurd way to decide important questions of policy.

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