Thursday, February 24, 2005

Jumped Right In

I kinda jumped right in with that last post. Not too controversial though, so time to move on to politics:

Apparently there was a big anti-disengagement rally in Israel today. And true to form the Holocaust was evoked. I'm really getting sick and tired of all these ridiculous allusions to the Holocaust. There is nothing facing the Jewish people in the world right now that compares in any way, whether in scope or nature, to the Holocaust. Nothing. Wearing orange badges to elicit comparisons to the Warsaw Ghetto is disgusting.

Let's leave aside for the moment the fact that these statements do nothing to help their cause. Don't these people feel the least bit guilty about trivializing the Holocaust in this way? We're comparing the transfer of millions of Jews with the intention of moving them to death camps with the evacuation and 7000 Jews from Gaza to Israel proper. These people will be paid at least market value for their homes and property. How, in any way, are these two situations comparable?

It's statements like these that moved me into the "let's just get out and leave them there" camp. Why go through all these problems, having to deal with massive civil and even possible armed resistance when the IDF can just leave? Let's be real. The vast, vast majority of settlers are normal people. I don't believe they want to have their last stand to fight for Gaza. Some fanatics will, but well, that's their choice. We can't be responsible for every adult who makes a choice.

For a good article on just getting out and leaving those who remain to fend for themselves see Hillel Halkin's article in the December 31, 2004 edition of the Jerusalem Post, titled "Treat Gaza Settlers like Adults." (costs money)

I understand that there are legitimate arguments against the withdrawal, many of which I am sensitive to. But legitimate political opposition should not lead ridiculous and insulting comparisons. The people who do this do their cause a great disservice.

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