Thursday, February 24, 2005

Trades in the NBA

The Webber trade came out of nowhere. Sacramento basically traded their aging and gimpy franchise player for three Knicks forwards (and by that I mean undersized and under producing but overpaid power forwards). The trade is perfect for Iverson who always wanted a big man to play with. But what was Sacramento thinking? They got smaller and slower and didn't even gain any cap space. Kinda of sounds like what the Knicks did today....

So the Knicks traded for two undersized power forwards while gaining even more salaries. No surprise there. But apparently Isaiah never even inquired about getting Webber. Why not? Well let's look at what he says.

"For us to try to take players right now at this stage of the game who are making in excess of $19 or 20 million and are over the age of 30, those don't work for our strategic plan right now," Thomas said. "I don't think that's the healthy and secure way to go."

Oh, so Isaiah believes that taking on more aged, overpriced players in the Penny Hardaway mold is not the way to go? Well, great, can't disagree with that. But why take on Malik Rose and Maurice Taylor who are making a combined $13 million? How in the world do they fit into whatever "strategic plan" Isaiah has in his mind?

This team needs to be gutted and built again from scratch. Keep Marbury and get rid of everyone else. It's amazing how the Knicks actually managed to get smaller, older, less talented, and more over the cap.

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