Thursday, July 13, 2006

I'm Back (For The Time Being)

OK so I finally have some time to blog. So here's the rundown.

1) My wedding was awesome and thanks for all the mazel tovs. I was sore for almost a week, but it was so worth it.

2) Married life is much better than single life, but also much harder. We have so many gifts (thank G-d) but it takes so much time to put them away, tovel them, etc. Girls also seem to care about the apartment being clean and organized and that takes time as well. I did three loads of laundry this week. Three loads!

3) Sheva brochos are very tiring and really get old very quickly. Can't say I dislike getting a free meal, but do I really have to get dressed up for it every night?

4) I haven't had much internet access, so I missed out on blogging about Hamdan and the NY Court of Appeals gay marriage decision. I still haven't read Hamdan so I can't comment on whether it was a good decision; but I have read enough about the same-sex marriage decision to say it was right on the mark. I hope to blog about it here or on JAJC.

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