Saturday, July 29, 2006

Just For The 9 Days

Chardal, in a comment on DB's blog, stated:

One thing I have learned is that you can argue with DovBear on almost everything (and he is so often wrong ), but I NEVER dare debate him on the history of Christian Europe - it is far too pointless.
I made a negative comment, which I shouldn't have done, so in response and in the spirit of the 9 days I'm starting a meme that lists 5 bloggers and what subjects in which I think they're especially knowledgeable:

  1. Dovbear -- History of Christian Europe
  2. Chardal -- Halachos pertaining to Religious Zionist issues (king, state, war, etc.)
  3. Mississippi Fred MacDowell (a.k.a. -- S.) -- Biblical studies
  4. Moishe Potemkin -- Economics
  5. Gil Student -- Slifkin-related issues

I'm tagging the five bloggers above (although I doubt any of them read my blog) and Romach, Orthomom and the rest of the Jajc crew.

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