Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Check out this article by Maureen Dowd (who I've read maybe a handful of times). The Op-Ed is supposed to be an "admission" by Clarence Thomas about why he only supports "White causes" and how he made Bush President. Here's what David Bernstein had to say:

Dowd writes, satirically, in Thomas's voice: "I used to have grave reservations about working at white institutions, subject to the whims of white superiors. But when Poppy's whim was to crown his son — one of those privileged Yale legacy types I always resented — I had to repay The Man for putting me on the court even though I was neither qualified nor honest. ... But having the power to carjack the presidency and control the fate of the country did give me that old X-rated tingle."

"Repay The Man?" "Carjack the presidency?" Not "qualified"? "X-rated tingle"? I find this about as funny as a David Duke speech, and for the same reasons.

Basically she only forgot comments about Thomas' favorite food being watermelon or how he likes White women, similar to every other Black man.

How could the Times publish that article?

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