Sunday, February 03, 2008

Congrats To The Giants

I'm no Giant fan, but they played the best possible game they could have played and beat one of the greatest teams of all-time. That was probably the best Super Bowls I've ever seen. I tip my hat to them.

Few quick points:

1) Where does this leave the Pats? On one hand they didn't go undefeated. On the other hand, they went 18-0, which is better than 17-0. So how do we rank them all-time?

2) The Giants' lines dominated both sides of the ball. Brady had no time to throw, but Eli had all day. Despite the Giants playing that well, the fact the Pats almost won shows how amazingly talented that team really is.

3) Who would have thought Eli Manning would be the one to lead the Giants 83 yards in less than 4 minutes to win the Super Bowl? If you gave the casual fan a list of 30 QBs before the season and asked him to put odds on which ones would win the Super Bowl MVP, how many would have had higher odds than Eli? 15? 20?

4) After Namath's feat, is that the greatest upset in Super Bowl history? In terms of the spread it was the third greatest upset, after the Pats defeat of the Rams in 01-02, which it turns out might not have been so kosher after all.

5) The people pouring out of the bars outside my apartment sound pretty excited. I hope my car makes it through the night.

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