Friday, February 01, 2008

Keith Law's Top 100 Prospects

Both Baseball America (no free link so this is all I have) and Keith Law (it's free for now) came out with their list of the 100 top prospects in baseball in the last few days.

Baseball America has 3 Yankees in the top 40 (Joba at 3, Jose Tabata at 22 and Austin Jackson at 40), while Law puts them in the top 24 (Joba 3, Tabata 21, Jackson 24). It's amazing to see that an organization with so much pitching depth actually has two hitting prospects in the top 40 in baseball.

Two other pitchers -- Ian Kennedy at 45 and Andrew Brackman at 100 -- made the Law's top 100. That's 2 pitching prospects in the top 50 including Joba (the #1 in baseball) and doesn't include Philip Hughes who no longer qualifies as a prospect. Prospects are no sure thing, but we can't help but be optimistic about the Yankees future, especially since the list did not include Humberto Sanchez (who was ranked in BA's top 100 last year, but had Tommy John surgery) and Alan Horne, who was a first round pick out of high school before choosing college.

Law also ranks the prospects the Mets traded for Santana. Deolis Guerra was ranked 80 and Gomez 35. Humber and Mulvey didn't make the list. I think Law's list really put the Santana trade into perspective. The Mets got a steal. But they better win now, because after this trade only Fernando Martinez is in the top 100 (10). Their organizational depth is practically nil at this point.

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