Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Aparthied Spokesman At Yale

I don't know if you heard but last year Yale University admitted a spokesman for the former apartheid regime of South Africa on special student status. One of the reasons he was admitted was so he "could educate us about the world." Despite making public racist statements and being a member of one of the most racist regimes of the last century, his coming to Yale elicited little protest.

Don't believe it? Well, you shouldn't because it isn't true. But replace "apartheid" with "Taliban" and "racist" with "misogynistic" and it is. Sayed Rahmatullah Hashemi, one of the Taliban's spokesmen in the US, is currently attending Yale. Amazingly, the students have barely raised a peep.

Maybe it's because they are busy protesting Kiwi Camara, who as a 17 year old first year law student used the word "nig" in his notes about racial covenants. In response, when people found out that he was speaking at a symposium after having his article published in the Yale Law Review, a third of the room staged a walkout.

Now I'm not defending the using the word 'nig,' even in private. But to get all uppity upset about a 17 year old using one discriminatory term in his private notes, while completely ignoring a 24 year old who went on tour defending a regime who used to topple walls onto gay men and pull out the fingernails of women who used nail polish seems a tad off.

Maybe because I'm not a member of an elite university I can't understand the mindset. If that's true, I hope I never become one.

Update: Although a little over the top in rhetoric, this article sums up my feelings perfectly.

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