Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Yes, It's True, I'm Engaged.

Well, it happened. I'm engaged to the wonderful Shifra Bronstein. Thanks to Ezzie and Romach for pointing it out. And extra thanks to Romach and Miriam for all their help. I couldn't have done it without them.

The first two days of engaged life are not that different. The wedding preperations haven't started in earnest yet, so the hard work has yet to begin. I figured since I've been talking about dating a lot recently, I'd use this time to talk a little about engagements.

I've never been more nervous about anything in my life. I rarely get nervous and the most nervous I've been before was prior to taking the LSATs. But this wasn't even close.

The reason I was so nervous was not because I was scared she'd say no. I knew she'd say yes. I also wasn't worried about taking a big step in my life. I was most nervous about not doing the engagement right or, as one of my friends put it, getting a C in the engagement.

G-d willing we should all get engaged only once. You only get one shot. The moment is something that both parties will remember for the rest of their lives. I didn't want to mess it up for her.

Last week I mentioned to a few friends that I'm getting engaged. Some asked me if I have any doubts. I told them that I did. How well did I know Shifra before we got engaged? There will always be doubts, although I can honestly say that after Sunday I have far less of them (not that I had a lot to begin with).

Was it time to get engaged? I thought so. I believe it's important to date for a reasonable period of time so the parties can see each other in different situations. But at some point it makes no sense to keep dating. I believe we reached that point. And since Shifra said yes, I think she believes that too.

Lastly, 4jkb4ia, I noticed your mazel tov. Thanks.

More on this in later posts.

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