Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Overview of Seven Noahide Laws

I was randomly searching the web to determine the veracity of the live monkey brains story. Apparently in some Asian countries it's a delicacy to eat the brains of a monkey while it's still alive. Basically the monkeys are placed under a table with a hole in middle and their head sticking out of that hole. The top of the skull is then cut off and the monkey's brain is eaten while it's still alive. This is arguably the cruelest practice I've ever heard of (at least to animals and for no real benefit).

But while searching I found this article by Irene Merker Rosenberg, a law professor at the University of Houston Law Center. It details the seven Noahide laws, and especially focuses on the requirement to set up courts. It also, in some cases, compares Jewish law to Noahide law. From what I can tell the article is on target. Nothing too deep, just an overview.

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