Monday, October 17, 2005

Riding A City Bus

I hate taking buses. They are almost always crowded and for some reason I always have luggage. It's very difficult to weave in between people with a suitcase, backpack and suitbag or whatever else I have to carry to my Shabbos destination.

But riding the bus is always going to be annoying, unless the MTA decides to add more buses to each route. That, of course, would be expensive and cause the fare to increase. So I'll deal with discomfort if it saves me money (which is why I take public transportation in the first place).

But there are a few simple things bus riders could do to make everyone's ride just a little smoother:

Move to the back of the bus. It seems people are just dense. I can only get on the bus through the front door. So if people stand in the front, it makes it much more difficult for me to get on. Not only do I have to weave through people to get on, I then have to get by them to find a place to stand in the back. If people would just move to the back, more people could get on and more people would have a place to stand.

Get off through the back door. This one is really annoying. Look, I understand it the bus is crowded and it's hard to get to the back. But so many people just stand by the front and then get off the front door, not realizing that the whole bus is slowed down because they are too lazy to walk a few extra feet. People, the front door is only big enough for one person to get on or off at a time. If everyone got off the back, riders could get on as soon as the bus stops, instead of waiting for some people to get off. The whole bus route is slowed down because of these people.

Push the tape on the back door! My personal pet peeve. The tape on the back door opens the door automatically, and frees up people's hands to carry their belongings. So I'm carrying all this stuff, trying to do the right thing by getting off the back of the bus. The bus comes to a stop and the person in front of me pushes the door instead of pushing the tape. So when he pushes the door, he has to hold it open for me, which is nice, but then I have to contort myself, holding it open, so it doesn't slam in the next person's face. That's just stupid. People who don't know about the tape should be banned from bus riding (like the people on the subway who take the whole pole).

Anyone have anything else to add? Or am I the only weirdo who notices these things?

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