Monday, April 10, 2006

Anti-Israel Propaganda II

Dershowitz has written a response to the Mearsheimer & Walt paper mentioned here. I haven't read it but I hope it's good. And knowing Dershowitz I'm sure he issues a challenge.

(Hat Tip: Volokh)

Update: I read the response. In classic Dershowitz form it was well-argued but over the top. He does an excellent job of showing that most of their arguments are parroted from neo-nazi and anti-Israel websites, that their "facts" are in many cases not facts at all, and that their scholarship is so shoddy that it's hard to believe it comes from two well-respected academics.

I'm not sure I agree that their work is reminiscent of The Protocols, even though they seem to harp constantly on "Jewish power." As Professor Bernstein correctly pointed out, it's arrogance that drives them. They are so sure that working with Israel is not in our best interests that they have to concoct ridicilous theories about super-strong lobbies in order to rationally explain why the US would undertake such policies. It's beyond reason in their eyes that reasonable people might disagree with them. Typical of academics I might say.

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