Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Either Barefoot, Pregnant, and in the Kitchen or Anorexic

A University of Haifa study recently found that the more religious a girl is, the less likely it is she'll suffer from eating disorders. The reason:

"The researchers' main explanation for this finding was that Western culture glorified thinness as an important value representing beauty and an expression of self-control, independence and high social status. But religious Jewish society directs girls from a young age to succeed in their tasks of being wives and mothers and puts much stress on their functioning inside the house and less stress on their appearance and what they do outside the home. "Sex roles are much more defined, and this constitutes a type of protection for the teenage girl and prevents her from being dissatisfied with her body and, developing eating disorders," said Letzer."

So the choice pretty much is brainwashing girls to think that being wives and mothers is the only path they can take (besides maybe a menial job with no room for growth) or having them starve themselves sick.

Great, just great.

Note: I have nothing against women who want to be wives and mothers, but I'm against educational brainwashing that teaches girls that all they can do is be housewives. Women who choose to be housewives have my complete respect since their job is just as hard, or maybe harder, than mine will be.

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