Sunday, April 16, 2006

Out Of Control

Extremism always seems to be of a worse variety in the Holy Land. Witness the riots going on in Meah She'arim over the arrest of a man arrested for beating his son to death. Since he lives in Me'ah She'arim, the arrest must be a Zionist plot to make "Torah-true" Jews look bad.

How bad is it?

"Municipal officials say that 30 large waste receptacles were destroyed, causing an estimated NIS 140,000 in damages."

Ok annoying but not so bad.

But this is horrible:

"Friday's demonstrations took place near Kikar Hashabbat and Yehezkel Street. Demonstrators threw rocks at passing cars and turned over or set on fire about 30 Dumpsters. Rocks were thrown at firefighters and a municipal waste disposal crew sent to the site, and one city worker was slightly injured."

Who throws rocks at firemen? Obviously these lunatics are not representative of the community as a whole, but people rein in your animals please.

Update: Wow, this gets even worse. The guy admitted to severe child abuse:

"Vales admitted he slammed the baby against a wall and had previously attacked him numerous times, because he "wouldn't let him sleep." He said he would beat his son with his fists, slap him and bite him on the neck. "

Nevertheless, the community still believes he's innocent and sources say that during a planned protest "Jerusalem would burn." Thank G-d saner minds prevailed and the protest was called off.

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