Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Gotta Agree

I've been reading this blog for a bit, and wow, I have to admit I agree with the authors on almost everything. I might write some things differently, but I concur with the basic content.

The blog focuses on mostly the Brooklyn dating scene, which thank G-d I never participated in. Some of the problems dealt with are not applicable in the general YU scene.

For example, Know It All bemoans the lack of "In-Betweeners," the people "who learned during the day, went to college at night, weren't yeshivish, but weren't bums either. " The type of guy who learn but also watch movies. But these guys do exist in YU. While YU is becoming more and more polarized, a substantial center still remains.

This blog rips Brooklyn, which is quite easy to do and can be done in so many ways. The large number of fakers in the dating world is endemic to the society that created the world. Brooklyn is full of fakers. People who think that wearing a black hat and a gartel and not owning a TV makes someone religious. Or the type of people who spend all shul talking, haven't opened a gemara in years, but think that because their kids go to Chaim Berlin they are holier than thou. The list goes on and on.

One thing you can say for the Modern Orthodox-lite communities, at least they aren't fakers. They do what they do and aren't trying to impress anyone. In Brooklyn, much of the behavior is based on how one's children will be perceived in the shidduch market. A shidduch market that promotes "faking" is a flawed market, but that's for another post.

Note: I'm generalizing here, and there are many, many good people in Flatbush. But there are way too many fakers.

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