Wednesday, April 12, 2006

A-Z Meme

I'm in Lakewood, I'm tired and hungry and have nothing to blog about but thanks to Romach here's one more post before Yom Tov!

Accent: How would I know? Ask someone who knows me.

Booze: I'm not much of a drinker.

Chore I hate: You name it, I hate it.

Dogs/Cats: Cats win, but not by much.

Essential Electronics: My laptop is pretty much the only electronic I need. My alarm clock is essentially useless.

Favorite Perfume/Cologne: Ha Ha.

Gold and Silver: I wish.

Hometown: I have a few choices here. Flatbush (an annoying subsection of Brooklyn) is where I grew up but my parents got out thanks to a large donation from a builder who decided he wanted our house. So my family no longer lives there. Now they live in Lakewood (a less annoying section of New Jersey), but I don't. I have an apartment in the East Village (a really strange subsection of Manhattan), although I can't call that my hometown.

Insomnia: I can fall asleep anywhere in a matter of seconds. So no.

Job Title: I hope before the summer starts I'll have something to fill in here.

Kids: I love em.

Living Arrangements: For the next two and a half months, I have a roommate. Then he'll move out and I'll get a wife. Yay!

Most Admired Trait: Shifra says my kindness.

Number of Sexual Partners: None.

Overnight Hospital Stays: None as of this point.

Phobia: I'm afraid of my shadow. No wait, that's Gitty.

Quote: Nothing comes to mind.

Religion: Judaism

Siblings: One older sister

Time I usually wake up: Let's move on.

Unusual Talent: Sleeping anywhere.

Vegetable I Refuse to Eat: I'll eat anything.

Worst Habit: Spending money at ESPN Zone.

X-Rays: Once or twice I think.

Yummy Foods: I like almost anything but especially cholent, steak, kugel, pasta, and I'm beginning to develop a taste for shwarma.

Zodiac Sign: Scorpian

Anyone left to tag? OK, I'm tagging Josh.

Everyone should have a chag kosher v'sameiach.

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