Thursday, April 06, 2006

Selling Chametz on Ebay

Disclaimer: This post contains terms that will not be understandable to someone without at least basic familiarity of Jewish legal concepts.

Check this out. Could someone sell his chametz on Ebay? I wonder if it's possible for this transfer to occur halachically without the benefit of a third party. Despite my limited understanding of kinyanim in general, I would think the transfer could be effected through a shliach (or agent) or through zachin l'adam shelo befanuv.

But could the transfer occur via an electronic medium? Normally chametz is sold through chalipin. Obviously that cannot take place electronically. The only instance I am aware of where something can be transferred without any physical action taken by either party is meimud shlashtun, but that's an assignment of a debt.

Anyone have any ideas?

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