Tuesday, April 18, 2006

As Long As They Pay Lip Service....

Hamas defended yesterday's suicide bombing as a legitimate response to occupation. From Haaretz:

The comments from Interior Minister Saeed Seyam were the first from a cabinet-level Hamas official member in response to the attack.

"We are not a great power who can confront the planes and the missiles of the occupation, but our people have the will and the right to defend themselves and to confront as much as they can the arrogances of the occupation," Seyam told reporters.

Denmark and Japan responded by cutting off aid money because the response was unacceptable. I guess they expected Hamas to continue the Arafat tradition of condemning the attacks as harmful to Palestinian interests (which of course implies that if they were in their best interests, the attacks would be legitimate). So Denmark is upset that Hamas actually told the truth instead of lying like Fatah.

So in essence Hamas is getting punished for not lying. It took years for the EU to brand them a terrorist organization, but tell the truth and get a reprimand.

I'm glad some European countries are finally starting to take this situation seriously, but their reasons are ridiculous.

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